Welcome to my website! I'm Julien Beyrath, hunter of the ephemeral. Born and raised in Alsace (France) I currently live in the Netherlands.

In the field, photography for me

As far as I can remember of my childhood I have always been positively marked by contact with wild nature, even more when encountering wildlife. Somewhere along the way I have lost this contact with nature, maybe simply reflective of humanity who has dominated, exploited and finally taking its distance with wild nature. Maybe it has just been my long studies and profession as a medical scientist keeping me away from nature. Nevertheless, picking up photography has been a trigger and motivation to pull me back into it, reconnect and bring back those childhood emotions. Seeking a particular composition, point of view, light or behavior in nature allows me to experience the outdoors more intensively than I would do by simply wandering into it. Whether it be a unique light on the landscape or a specific wild animal behaviour, chasing and capturing these ephemeral moments is exciting, fulfilling, and peaceful at the same time. While the camera/lens combination works differently than the human eye, neither better nor worse, just differently, it allows to see and capture events that the “normal” wanderer would maybe not see, because happening too quickly, too far or from an odd vantage point. My photographs are therefore not intended to picture reality as we see it but as timeless and artistic representation of an emotion felt in the middle of what we all need the most, nature. Photography means "writing with light", so this is my way of expression.


On the wall, photography for you and me

Wonderment by nature brings me an enormous amount of positivity and awakening on our interaction with our world. It is part of my life balance. Nature is what human has not created, on the contrary, we have been shaped, controlled and nurtured by nature. Therefore, I do believe we all carry some fascination for it and are intuitively wondered when experiencing it. Today humanity has lifted all resistance nature exerted on us, which is ironically what put us and other species at most risks. I don’t intend to change the world, changing myself would already be a victory. Seeing pictures of nature on my walls is what fuels my wonderment when I’m not in the field. Should my pictures trigger in others an interest or wonderment for nature it will be a bonus. There is no doubt wandering in nature is beneficial for our mental and physical health. To a lesser extent looking at photographic representation of nature was shown to ease mental stress or just help relaxing. This is now used for example in hospital environments such as maternities. Therefore, bringing nature photography in your living space is more than just decorative.



Although screens allow us to display and witness many images in a short time, the final product of photography still remains (to me) the print. If you would like one of my pictures to decorate your home you can order directly on my website. To reduce shipping costs and delivery time the pictures are printed at different locations in the world. Be sure to go to settings on the shop page to select your country of delivery and be directed to the adequate manufacturer. Currently being on a family road trip for several months I am not able to print, sign and expedite myself as I would like to but I work with trusted manufacturers who will carry the order. The pictures are printed on a high-quality fine art paper and it is possible to add a frame.  Some of my pictures have been recognised in different digital contests such as Shoot The Frame (winner and finalists), Viewbug (winner and finalists), or Photocrowd.

Cheers, Julien